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This extension is currently only available for the Google Chrome ™ browser.

Voice commands

Here is an overview of which voice commands you can use and how they are used.
Note: The green speech bubble always marks the respective speech command.

Browser control

With Browser Voice you can call up all the basic browser functions by voice.


This section covers the browser history, that is, the web pages that you accessed while browsing.

"history back"

Synonyme: back
Go back to the previous page in the browser history. This feature is equivalent to the large left arrow in your browser toolbar.

"history forward"

Synonyme: forward
Jumps one page forward in the browser history. If you jump back one page in the browser history, you will land on the original page again. This feature is equivalent to the large right arrow in your browser toolbar.



Synonyme: open downloads
Opens the downloads in the browser.


Synonyme: open history
Opens the history in the browser.


Synonyme: open bookmarks
Opens the bookmarks in the browser. After opening you are directly in the bookmark search box and can filter with your voice input for any bookmarks.


Synonyme: open settings
Opens the settings in the browser.


Synonyme: open extensions
Opens the extensions in the browser.


"new tab"

Synonyms: open tab, start tab, open tab, start tab
Opens a new tab.

"close tab"

Synonyme: exit tab, close tab, exit tab
Closes the current tab.

"pin tab"

Synonyme: pin
Staples the current tab.

"untie tab"

Synonyme: solve
Resolves the current tab so that it is no longer pinned.

"next tab"

Synonyme: next window
Jump to the next tab and activate it.

"previous tab"

Synonyme: previous window
Jump to the previous tab and activate it.

"first Tab"

Synonyme: first window
Jump to the first tab and activate it. .

"last Tab"

Synonyme: last window
Jump to the last tab and activate it.

"reload tab"

Synonyme: reload, reload tab, refresh, refresh tab, refresh
Refreshes the current tab. Synonymous with a browser refresh (F5).


"Maximize window"

Synonyme: maximize
Maximiert das aktuelle Browser-Fenster.

"Minimize window"

Synonyme: minimize
Minimizes the current browser window.


Sets the current browser window to full screen.

"Exit full screen"

Synonyme: window standard size
Resumes full-screen mode for the current browser window.



Synonyme: zoom in, zoom in
Increases the zoom level for the current website.


Synonyme: zoom out, zoom out
Decreases the zoom level for the current website.

"Standard size"

Synonyme: zoom reset, zoom reset, reset zoom
Sets the zoom level for the current website to the default (100%).


"select all"

Synonyme: select text
Marks the complete text in the active input field.


Cuts the currently selected text and pastes it to the clipboard.


Copies the currently selected text to the clipboard.


Inserts the text currently stored in the clipboard into the currently active input field.


"scrolle up"

Synonyme: up
Scrolls the current page up.

"scrolle down"

Synonyme: down
Scroll down the current page.

"scroll to the left"

Synonyme: left
Scrolls the current page to the left..

"scroll to the right"

Synonyme: right
Scrolls the current page to the right.

"scroll to start"

Synonyme: start
Scrolls the current page to the start.

"scroll to the end"

Synonyme: end
Scrolls the current page to the end.


"open bookmarks"

Synonyme: bookmarks
Opens the bookmarks in the browser.

"save as bookmark"

Synonyme: save, add bookmarks
Adds the current page to the bookmark (marked with an asterisk).

"remove bookmark"

Removes the bookmark of the current page.

"bookmark [Lesezeichen-Name]"

Opens the bookmark that has been named accordingly. For example, if you name a bookmark named "Work" and then say "Bookmark Work" from any page, that bookmark opens automatically.



Prints the current page.

Website control


"open [Link-Title]"

Synonyme: [Link-Title]
Just say the link title on a website to automatically open this link. For example, just say "Imprint" to get to the imprint page.

"open Link [Link-Nummer]"

In conjunction with the voice command "show links", which numbers all links on the respective website, you can directly access the respective link.

"show links"

Marks and numbers all the links available on the current website, so that they can easily call them using the voice command "open Link #Nr".



Submits the current form. For example, this command can be used if you are in the Google search box and have entered a search term you want to search for now.

Input fields

"focus first field"

Synonyme: first field
Sets the focus and cursor to the first input field found on the active website.

"focus last field"

Synonyme: last field
Sets the focus and cursor to the last input field found on the active website.

"focus next field"

Synonyme: next field
Sets the focus and cursor to the next found input field on the active website.

"focus previous field"

Synonyme: previous field
Sets the focus and cursor to the previously found input field on the active website.

"show input fields"

Synonyme: number input fields
Numbers and marks all input fields available on the active website, so that the focus can be set directly on the number.

"focus on input field [# field number]"

In conjunction with the voice command "Display input fields", the focus can be set to a specific input field via this voice command, so that text entries are possible in this input field.

Extension control


Synonyme: show functions, open help
Opens this help page with an overview of all voice commands.

"Disable speech recognition"

Synonyme: disable, disable voice control
Deactivates the speech recognition completely, so that no voice commands and no wake-up command are possible anymore. The microphone is turned off in this case. You can restart the voice control by clicking on the Chrome Voice icon in the browser toolbar or by pressing CTRL + ALT + s.

"stop listening"

Ends listening after a WakeUp command or running voice command. Use this command if you do not want to issue voice commands for the next few minutes. To wake up speech recognition, simply say the wake-up command or press the CTRL key.

Dictation function

The dictation function can be used directly at any time as soon as an input field is active. An active input field can be recognized by the blinking cursor within the respective text field. The text you speak will be automatically entered in the text box.


The following voice commands are automatically converted to the corresponding characters in dictation mode (voice commands within active input fields).

voice command is replaced by
Question mark ?
exclamation mark !
at sign @
percent sign %
and sign&
round bracket open (
round bracket close)
square bracket open[
square bracket close]
dollar sign $
equal to signs =
Minus sign -
Plus sign +
Diamond / hashtag #
bigger than sign«
smaller than sign»
Degree sign /td>°
curly brace open{
curly brace close}
Star sign *
Trademark sign
Sign registered trademark ®
Copyright sign ©
Check mark sign
X sign

Tied websites

Media player control

The following voice commands work for each of the supported libraries listed below.


Starts the current video playback.


Pauses the current video playback.


Stops the current video playback.

"next Video"

Play the following video (next).

"previous Video"

Plays the previous video (prev).

"Video fullscreen"

Sets the video player to full screen mode.


You can call the following media libraries directly via voice command:

voice command opens media library
"ARD Mediathek"ARD Mediathek
"ZDF Mediathek"ZDF Mediathek
"N24 Mediathek"N24 Mediathek
"3sat Mediathek"3sat Mediathek
"kabel1 Mediathek"kabel1 Mediathek
"Amazon Prime Video"Amazon Prime Video

Tailored search engines

You can call the following search engines directly via voice command:

voice command opens (and searches) the following search engine
Suche nach [optional: Suchbegriff]Google
Wikipedia [optional: Suchbegriff]Wikipedia
Wolfram Alpha [optional: Suchbegriff]Wolfram Alpha
Stackoverflow [optional: Suchbegriff]Stackoverflow
Twitter [optional: Suchbegriff]Twitter
Facebook [optional: Suchbegriff]Facebook
Duden [optional: Suchbegriff]Duden
Synonyme [optional: Suchbegriff]Woxikon
Nährwerte [optional: Suchbegriff]
Unterkunft/Booking/Hotel [optional: Suchbegriff]
Amazon [optional: Suchbegriff]Amazon
XING [optional: Suchbegriff]XING
Rezepte [optional: Suchbegriff]Chefkoch
ebay [optional: Suchbegriff]ebay
kleinanzeigen [optional: Suchbegriff]ebay kleinanzeigen
fahrzeug [optional: Suchbegriff]
immobilienscout [optional: Suchbegriff]
liedtext [optional: Suchbegriff]
versicherung [optional: Suchbegriff]check24
preisvergleich [optional: Suchbegriff]check24
kredit [optional: Suchbegriff]check24
urlaub [optional: Suchbegriff]check24
mietwagen [optional: Suchbegriff]check24
Musik [optional: Suchbegriff]Youtube



"current news"

Open the latest news in Google News.


"current time"

Outputs the current time via voice output.

"current date"

Outputs the current date via voice output.

"current day"

Outputs the current day via voice output.

"current calendar week"

Outputs the current calendar week via voice output.

"current year"

Output via speech output the current year.

"current month"

Outputs the current month via voice output.

Text snippets

"lorem ipsum"

Inserts a lorem ipsum blind text in the currently active text field.

"Snippet [Snippet-Name]"

Synonyme: text [Snippet-Name]
You can create any text snippets of your own and have them entered directly into the currently active text field via the voice command above.

Work environments

voice command
"start [work environment name]"Synonyme: Work Environment [Work Environment Name]
starts a workspace with several predefined tabs. Work environments can be edited in the options

Own voice commands

You can define any custom voice command for specific websites or browser features. To do this, click on the Browser Voice icon in the browser toolbar.



"Dokumentation TYPO3 TCA" opens the TYPO3 TCA documentation
"Dokumentation TYPO3 Fluid" opens the TYPO3 Fluid documentation
"Dokumentation TYPO3 Fluid VHS" opens the TYPO3 Fluid VHS documentation
"Dokumentation TYPO3 API" opens the TYPO3 API documentation
"Dokumentation TypoScript" opens the TYPO3 TypoScript documentation
"Dokumentation TYPO3 Extbase" opens the TYPO3 Extbase documentation

Databases (beta)

voice command
"Metaphor" Outputs a random metaphor from the current metaphor database
"Encouragement" Issues a random lift / NLP from the current lift database
"Training" Returns a random training card from the current training database

Read-ahead function / voice output

voice command
"read out" reads the currently selected text. Alternatively, you can click on the menu item "read aloud" in the context menu
"read aloud page" reads the content of the current website


voice command
"aktuelle lottozahlen" Returns the current lottery numbers
"ergebnisse [sport|fußball|eishochkey|tennis etc.]" displays current sports scores
"übersetze|englisch|übersetze nach englisch" translations
"taschenrechner|reche|rechner|berechne [z.b. 5 mal 5]" calculator
"umrechnung [z.b. 1 kilogramm in gramm]" Conversions
"fernsehzeitung|fernsehprogramm|was läuft im fernsehen" TV guide
"kinofilme|kinoprogramm|kino filme|kino programm|aktuelle kinofilme|kino|was läuft im kino" movie theater
"nachrichten zu|news zu|neuigkeiten [suchterm]" News
"bilder|fotos [suchterm]" image search
"sonnen untergang|sonnenuntergang|heutiger sonnen untergang|heutiger sonnenuntergang" sunset
"sonnenaufgang|sonnen aufgang|heutiger sonnenaufgang|heutiger sonnen aufgang" sunrise
"navigation|route [ziel]" navigation
"wetter in|wetter|aktuelles wetter|aktuelles wetter in|wie ist das wetter in|wetterbericht [ort]" Weather
"whatsapp" opens WhatsApp Web


You miss an important voice command and can not add it via your own voice commands? Write us: