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This extension is currently only available for the Google Chrome ™ browser.

Browser Voice Professional

Choose the Professional version now and get unbeatable advantages compared to the basic version.

Create an unlimited number of custom voice commands

Control any intranet or web pages, as well as all browser features implemented in voice control, with their own voice commands. Open any web pages or URLs by voice command.

Use any wake-up command

Wake up your PC with "Computer", "Fritz", "Calculator" or "Lisa" - or alternatively by pressing the CTRL key on your keyboard.

Use the dictation function without restrictions

and write e-mails, documentation, reports, tickets, reports and much more directly via voice input.

Create any number of workspaces

and open any number of tabs in one go with just one voice command. For example, you can open large project environments in one go.

Export and import voice commands to different computers

Make backup copies of your own voice commands and import your voice commands to any computer.