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Your browser is not being supported.
This extension is currently only available for the Google Chrome ™ browser.

The voice control for your internet browser

One of the most powerful voice controls that allows you to control the entire browser and any websites entirely by voice.

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Browser Sprachsteuerung

Control browsers and websites completely via voice

Use your mouse, keyboard and other input options and do all the work faster and stress-free.

Fast detection

The voice control reacts immediately - without long waiting until the recognition is over.

High recognition accuracy

Your voice inputs are recognized and executed with incredible precision

Over 500 voice commands

Control the browser, websites, search engines, and more with over 500 voice commands implemented.

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Ready to use - just download, install and get started.

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Even more voice control options:

  • ✓ Create your own voice commands
  • ✓ Define your own wake-up command
  • ✓ Change or extend existing voice commands
  • ✓ Export and import of any language collections
  • and other benefits...

That's what users say

Browser Voice is one of the most advanced language control extensions for the Google Chrome browser

“Since I use the new browser Voice, every move is so incredibly fast and uncomplicated. With the Professional Version, I save at least 10% of my original time and stress quota in my daily work.”

Bruce Wurster

“The Browser Voice Voice App is one of the best browser extensions in recent years. Especially for me as a freelancer in web development she has become my daily companion.”

Matthias Gläßner
TYPO3 Developer

“Fast, 100% recognition rate, easy to use. Inserts itself seamlessly into my browser and makes me work much more productively.”

Thorsten Bremer
SEO Consultant


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